Home birth Midwifery Care

  • A 1.5 hour initial prenatal visit, which includes discussing your medical & pregnancy history, drawing labs if needed, going over informed choice documents & what you desire for your pregnancy + birth

  • Monthly, hour long prenatal visits (bi-weekly starting @ 28 weeks, 36 week home visit, and then weekly until birth). During your prenatal visits we will hang out, drink a cup of tea, catch up, discuss your diet, draw labs or do other routine testing if desired, check your vitals & check on your baby, if you already have kids they are more than welcome to come along & play and ask questions, borrow a book from my lending library, I will give you resources or referrals for programs/services/providers/etc. if needed and go over what to expect in the coming weeks and how to best prepare for your birth.

  • On call beginning at 37 weeks. Attentive care during your labor, birth, immediate postpartum and a comprehensive head-to-toe newborn examination. During your labor and birth I will monitor and assess you & the baby to ensure everything is normal and provide emotional + physical support. Waterbirth or water immersion during labor is absolutely an option for those who desire it (I have birth tubs available for rent, or you can purchase your own). I, along with an assistant or 2nd midwife, stay roughly 2-4 hours postpartum to make sure you & baby are doing well and that the baby has successfully latched on if you are planning on breast/chestfeeding.

  • Postpartum home visits usually at 24 hours, day 3 (or whenever your milk comes in), 1 week & 2 weeks, or more if necessary. During these visits I check on not only you, but the baby as well.

  • 6 week postpartum visit- hold space for your birth story, assess how you’ve physically healed, a Pap smear if desired, check in how you are doing emotionally, weigh the baby, talk about any issues or difficulties you may be having, celebrate the goodness in your life and end with a little healing ceremony.

I believe that it’s important to understand that prenatal care starts with yourself. As your midwife, I am here to develop a trusting relationship with you and make sure that your pregnancy continues to stay healthy & low risk. All of the choices during this pregnancy are yours. There are no right and wrong answers as to which tests to do or not do. I am here to give you the information needed to make informed choices, answer your questions, and hold a safe space for you.

Customizable Prenatal/ Postpartum Care for those Choosing to Birth Unassisted

Three different packages starting at $500, please inquire for more information.

Placenta Encapsulation

Using the raw method, your placenta is cut up into tiny, thin pieces and dehydrated for 24-48 hours, it is then ground up in a coffee grinder and put into pills for you to take. This service is available for anyone- $250.00, discounted rate for clients!


More information coming soon!

Fertility Counseling

More information coming soon!

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“Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen force behind all life.”– Judy Ford